A comprehensive guide to LED headlights and introducing Big Red Gear's new range

The ultimate upgrade to your factory headlights. Announcing the latest innovation from Big Red Gear. Our brand-new range of High-Powered LED headlight globes is ideal for modernising your off-road setup.

Why choose LED Headlights?

LED bulbs are much brighter, enhance visibility on the road and provide a safe alternative to halogen bulbs. LED technology also allows for a much safer, low-current operation (as they don’t get as hot). All whilst being a more robust solution to gas-filled filament bulbs used in the past.

How do LED headlights work?

LEDs are made using semiconductors that release photons that emit light at a rate of thousands per second. This means that they are not limited by design and can be engineered to provide a concentrated beam and more vibrant light to illuminate the road ahead. Making drivers see much more at night.

Some vehicles are still sold with traditional halogen headlights today, the tungsten wire used in the bulb is filled with halogen gas. When heated up, the halogen gas keeps the tungsten wire illuminated in the headlamp to guide your way.

Since the adoption of LEDs on vehicles, halogen bulbs have been used less and less because of their inefficiency. The energy is wasted as heat and doesn’t last as long as LEDs. LEDs offer a brighter solution and are much harder to break than glass halogen bulbs, all whilst withstanding harsher vibrations and temperatures.

Lumens vs Kelvin - Two features to look out for when buying lights.


Lumens are simply explained as the brightness level of the headlight, with bright headlights having a greater lumens number. Typical halogen headlights have between 700 and 1,200 Lumens as you switch between dipped and full-beam. Whereas LED headlight bulbs emit up to 10x this (between 6,000 and 8,000 lumens).

This results in LED headlights being much better at lighting up what’s in front of you, and sooner able to spot dangers on the road. The LED beam also lights up objects in front much better than halogen, meaning it’s much easier to swerve and avoid an object.


As Lumens is a measure of brightness, Kelvin refers to the temperature of the light. This translates to the whiteness or yellowness of the bulb. LEDs are better at emitting white light and have a high kelvin rating. For example, LEDs, like our new Big Red Gear Globes, are rated at 6000°K, whereas typical halogens are only 2700°K. LEDs are known for being super white (the best light to illuminate the road), and halogen is much more yellow and warm in colour.

Why choose LED over Halogen Headlights?

Engineered carefully to produce the best light, LEDs have many advantages for your safety, wallet and look of your vehicle. Here’s why LEDs dominate traditional halogen headlights:

More superior light

If you compare a car with halogen headlights and a car with LED headlights, you will see the LEDs will produce a brighter, whiter beam than a halogen (which is much dimmer and yellow). This results in a quality light that’s been carefully designed and engineered in the best possible way. Halogens have limited ways in which they can be designed, relying on the mirroring within the headlamp design to focus the light. LEDs enhance driver safety at night too. As the extra tenths of a second you have to react could be the difference between swerving and hitting an object on the road.

Exciting designs

LEDs can be designed in many different ways, resulting in quirky headlamp designs in modern vehicles, including thin strips, crystals, and geometric designs that wouldn’t be possible on older vehicles with halogen setups.

Last Longer

With a longer life span than halogen or Xenon bulbs, the Big Red Gear LED Globes last at least 50,000 hours and are solid state meaning they have no moving parts. Halogen has a thin strip of tungsten that could move during harsh vibration and is prone to breaking much sooner.

More affordable

With a slight increase in cost upfront, you do end up saving money in the long run with LED headlights, as they need to be replaced less often. As a vehicle owner, you don’t want to keep switching out faulty headlight bulbs!

Compatible Fitment

Swap your old halogen to LEDs in no time! With each Big Red Gear LED Globes kit, the hardwired lead and factory-type connector are included with your purchase. Meaning they can be swapped out with a range of vehicles without adapting your existing wiring setup.

Energy efficiency

For those who want to use a more sustainable solution, LEDs are excellent for energy efficiency. With a huge reduction in energy usage over traditional halogen bulbs, the latest Big Red Gear LED Globe only draws 1.9 Amps with 12V batteries (and 0.95 Amps with 24V batteries). Whereas the average 55W halogen light draws 4.5 amps, which can drain your battery sooner if you are forgetful and leave your lights on.

Are LED headlights suitable for off-road driving?

Yes absolutely. When venturing into the outback, you must be protected against kangaroos, wombats, and cattle. You never know when you’ll come into contact with a dangerous critter, and your headlights could be the difference between a near miss or a collision.


Note: As LED headlights need to be ADR approved for use on the road in Australia, Big Red Gear’s range is only suitable for off-road driving.

Big Red Gear’s latest range can take you further

Made for off-road adventures, your rig could be lighting up the whole outback when equipped with Big Red Gear’s range of LED Globes. Our ultimate upgrade is compatible with a range of headlight fittings including H4, H7 and H8/9/11.

For use off-road only, the High Powered LED Globes provide the best solution for swapping out your old and outdated halogen bulbs. With convenient plug-and-play installation, you can begin your adventures in no time with this easy upgrade. Experience long-lasting performance with an energy-efficient design. The Globes also come equipped with a 3-year warranty for ensured durability.

No matter which fitting you have, each Big Red LED Globe is 6000°K in colour temperature, meaning you get the bright white light you need. Coming as a pair, each bulb kit is equipped with a hardwired lead and factory-type connector for an easy plug-and-play solution. With simple-to-read instructions, even the beginner off-road enthusiast gets an enhanced look when upgrading their vehicle headlights.

Carefully engineered in Australia, Big Red Gear LED Globes are purpose-built to provide an optimal beam pattern, with the ideal balance of beam distance and spread for better visibility.


LED headlights are the ultimate upgrade. Not only do they make you see better at night and enhance safety, they are more efficient to run, last longer and provide your setup with that cutting-edge look at night.

Heading to the outback? An LED headlight upgrade from the Big Red Gear Globes range will light up the whole path and guide your way like nothing else. With a carefully engineered setup, you get optimum performance and minimum hassle.