Allan Whiting road-tests the ‘Outback Travel Trio’ bundle

Introducing the all-new Big Red Gear ‘Outback Travel Trio’, a bundle that includes a pair of our BRG 7-inch LED driving lights, a BRG 40-inch LED light bar and wiring harnesses, offering a saving of over 20% off the individual products’ RRPs.

The bundle, named after Allan Whiting’s Outback Travel Australia, was given the personal tick of approval by Whiting, who put the combination’s value for money “among the best (they’ve) evaluated in many years of testing.”

Known for his fair and unbiased reporting, Allan Whiting has road-tested hundreds  of driving lights over the decades. He keeps his tests as consistent and comparable as possible in a real-life setting, by using his Toyota LandCruiser, the same roads and similar driving conditions. Output figures and graphs aside, viewers can see a product’s actual performance for themselves in his popular videos.

Allan Whiting's Toyota LandCruiser with Big Red Gear Trip Bundle

The ‘Outback Travel Trio’ bundle features a pair of 7-inch LED driving lights, with Whiting choosing to test the mid-size lights first as they represent a more practical choice for 4x4 vehicles sporting low-profile bull bars.

Each 7-inch light features eighteen 5W OSRAM LEDs producing 5700°K  bright, white light. The housings are built from black powder-coated aluminium castings and combined with a 3mm thick virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and IP68 rating, perfect for river crossings.

BR9022 Big Red Gear LED Driving Lights 7 Inch

Meanwhile, the huge 40-inch LED light bar features thirty 3W OSRAM LEDs: 6 reflectors designed for edge-spread and 24 for distance. The housing is a black powder-coated aluminium extrusion with cast-aluminium end caps.

BR9142 Big Red Gear 40 Inch LED Light Bar

After testing the bundle, Whiting was extremely impressed with the Big Red Gear performance, stating,

“Bright, distance lighting needn’t be expensive!”
– Allan Whiting, Outback Travel Australia

Whiting also tried the 40-inch LED light bar with a pair of the larger BRG 9-inch LED driving lights, claiming that this combination “performed as well as a pair of the best top-shelf round lights we’ve tested.”

You can read Allan Whiting’s review of the Big Red Gear LED lights and watch his real-world test videos here on Outback Travel Australia.